What story will capture your child's heart this holiday season?

 Good News of Great Joy: A Family Christmas Devotional

Please note that this product is an instant digital download. 

The biblical story of Christmas can be confusing to kids who are bombarded with our culture’s holiday icons and values at every turn. 

You have an opportunity this December to spend time not only decorating, wrapping gifts, and going to parties…but, most importantly, focusing your family’s hearts on whom it’s all for.

What's Included?

Good News of Great Joy is a simple, weekly devotional that’s intended to help your family focus on the story of Jesus’ birth, who he is, and why he was sent by God to be with us. 

The discussion questions and wide range of activities are designed for children ages 2-11.  

Each weekly devotional focuses on a different aspect of the Christmas story, building on the previous lesson:  

Devotional 1: The Story of Mary and Joseph  

Devotional 2: The Story of the Shepherds and Angels  

Devotional 3: The Story of the Wise Men  

Devotional 4: Review and Celebrate!

This holiday season, you can make the Christmas story come alive for your children! 

Please note that this product is an instant digital download. 

Every devotional is organized in the same way, making it easy for parents to lead and children to follow.

Read: Choose one or more of the ways listed to communicate the story, depending on the age of your child.  

Pray: Take a moment to pray the written out prayer or say your own to help connect the Bible story to your own lives. This demonstrates to children how we can use God’s Word to help us talk to him.  

Discuss and Do: To help children further understand and connect to the story, choose one or more of the simple activities. Have fun together and help the Christmas story come alive for your kids!

Children begin to form their understanding of what Christmas is about from very early on. The only real question is who or what will have the most influence in shaping it.